At Magic Bag, we are passionate about your health and well-being. This is why we have reached out to professional collaborators across many health and wellness related fields and asked them to join us in answering pertinent questions for this stressful time period. 

Note that the use of the English or French language in these Magic Bag posts are employed solely to facilitate simplicity for the presenters and by no means with the intent to discriminate.

Magic Bag on November 26th 2020!

2020 has been quite the year for all of us, leaving adults and kids alike with higher levels of stress and anxiety. Here are some natural ways to reduce stress levels and improve your mood from Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky.

Check out what she has to say about Magic Bag at the 4:55 minute mark! 



Magic Bag on Global News November 18th 2020!

Celebrating milestones while following social distancing guidelines can be challenging. Global’s Laura Casella gets tips from Lifestyle Blogger Jaimie Damak, including: 

-Drive-by baby shower gift drop offs

– Gift basket themes (hint: our favorite is the Nursing basket)

Watch this 4:12 minute segment to find out more! 

Creativity @ Home with Magic Bag x Creativity Coach Stefano Di Lollo

Video language: English

Stefano Di Lollo is a Creativity Coach who developed the CREATIVE-U method to help transform teams into happy, motivated, idea-makin’ machines. Magic Bag has reached out to this collaborator of ours to help us get creative with working at home all while juggling at-home schooling and entertainment for the kids in parallel. How can we take this change of pace in a positive way and make it work to our advantage?

Meditation Highlights from IG Live @ Home with Magic Bag x Soulpreneur Valérie Benoit

Video language: English

In this IG Live session, we chatted with Valerie Benoit, Coach & Soulpreneur about having the right mindset during this difficult time, and how meditation, yoga and mind-space factor in. Valérie’s mission is to help women discover their WHY and become great leaders. She has a top-of the charts podcast called Intentionnelle; and gave us some great things to think about.

Here are our Top 2 favourite insights to share!

Naturopathie + nutrition @ Chez Soi avec Sac Magique x Naturopathe Sébastien Boulet

Video language: French

Dans cette épisode, nous discutons de tout ce qui est nutrition, suppléments naturels ainsi que l’entraînement avec Naturopathe et propriétaire de Clinique ProAction Sébastien Boulet.

Sébastien est Naturopathe diplômé et a comme objectif premier l’instauration d’un mode de vie équilibré et la gestion des stresseurs biologiques et environnementaux. Avec ses clients, il démontre qu’en étant davantage à l’écoute des signaux que notre corps nous envoie, il est possible d’optimiser notre santé et nos performances d’une manière naturelle.

Posture en télétravail + soulagement des douleurs @ Chez Soi avec Sac Magique x Massothérapeute Alex Mclean

Video language: French

Dans cet épisode, nous discutons de tout ce qui est posture en télétravail, soulagement des douleurs ainsi que le rétablissement à la suite d’un entraînement avec Massothérapeute sportif et instructeur pour Active Release Techniques Alexandre Mclean.

Alexandre est propriétaire du Clinique ACMclean et est spécialiste des tissus mous. Dans le passé, il s’est vu joint à l’équipe médicale d’évènements tels que Ironman et Red Bull Crashed Ice, et a accompagné Drop Boat Canada à deux championnats mondiaux. Dans sa pratique au quotidien, il combine plusieurs techniques dont l’ART, le cupping, l’abrasion fasciale, le taping et le massage pour optimiser la récupération des blessures autant sportives que posturales ou liées au travail répétitif.

Yoga @ Home with Magic Bag x Yoga Instructor Francesca Knowles

Video language: English

In this episode, Magic Bag speaks with yoga instructor and friend, Francesca Knowles. Francesca’s journey with yoga began when she felt she needed an alternative way to find a balanced life. Through her own practice and training, she has come to believe that finding peace can start on the mat and slowly drift into regular everyday life. She aims to share and cultivate this idea with her students at Luna Yoga by focusing on connecting the body, mind, and spirit through creativity, fluidity, and mindfulness and include fun challenges for all levels.