Eucalyptus aromatherapy mask

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Our eye and sinus masks offer the best of time-honored treatments and modern convenience. In traditional medicine, eucalyptus is valued for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its scent is slightly sweet and camphorous to offer gentle, natural soothing. Ideal for the relief of sinus congestion and headaches due to colds.

  • 100% plush polyester fabric
  • Natural, aromatherapy, reusable
  • Efficient hot and cold   
  • 22 x 11 cm (8.6” x 4.3”)
SKU: 114005


Magic Bag offers the new Spa mask with two aromatherapy fragrances for a moment of pure pleasure and well-being.

  • Luxuriously soft mask for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation at home.
  • The mask will block out any light and allow the gentle of pressure of the flaxseed and decongesting eucalyptus scent lift your weary spirits.
  • Removable aromatherapy insert enhanced with essential oils to help with relaxation and stress relief.
  • 100% natural grains and oils release a moist heat to promote blood circulation.
  • Custom treatment (cold or hot therapy).
  • Exterior wrap is machine washable.
  • Registered with Health Canada as a medical device.

WARNING: Persons suffering from diabetes or any other health problem should consult a doctor before using Magic Bag Spa wraps. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.


Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg (0.46 lbs)
Dimensions 8.10 × 8.00 × 18.60 cm (3.19 x 3.15 x 7.32 in)

10 reviews for Eucalyptus aromatherapy mask

  1. Darlene

    Great product for sinus issues.

  2. Judy

    Loved it! Feels great on your eyes hot or cold. Eucalyptus helps relieve nasal problems. Cold is good for tired eyes.

  3. Moee

    So relaxing, also if you have allergies this helps with sinus. Love this product

  4. Marie

    Love these. I have one with eucalyptus and one with lavender. Really helps when you have headaches or sinus issues.

  5. Cait

    Not as scented as you would want but the material of the cover is very soft and the inner bag heats up well. Very soothing on the eyes

  6. Jenna

    I heat this for 1 minute in the microwave and use it to soothe my eyes when they are tired and dry, or sometimes when I have headaches. Only 3 star because the elastic strap is far too short to be of any use & is too tight for my head. Instead I have to lie down and “balance” the eye mask across my head without moving.

  7. Slee

    I bought this as a gift and it seems to serve its purpose quite well. The reason I removed a star was because the box came with a bit a defect.

  8. Charlene

    I get chronic sinus infections. This is the best bag. It helps so much with having the heat for sinus and then cold for headache. because I use both hot and cold, I wish I could purchase additional removable aromatherapy pouches.

    This product is my lifesaver.

  9. Marilyn H.

    The smell is light and not imposing. It smells more warm than cold though.

  10. Anne-Marie S.

    I often get headaches and this mask helps apply light pressure on my face and is not too cold. It helps block out the light while I wait for my headache to go away.

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