3 Essential Tools to Relieve Period Pain

Reading time: 2 minutes

Written by Marie-Pier Deschênes. Find her biography at the end of this article.

Since pain is sometimes common for some women during their period, I wanted to offer my help. After sharing my advice on how to properly nourish your body during your period, in this article, I am showing you 3 essential tools to effectively relieve period pain.


Raspberry Leaf Tea

The most underrated tool in my opinion for managing menstrual cramps! I drink at least one cup a day (two during the week before my period) and I see a huge difference in the amount of pain during my period.

The chemical compounds in raspberry leaves have antioxidant effects on your blood vessels, helping them relax more easily. It’s like taking a nice relaxing bath, but for your insides. You can find raspberry tea bags at the grocery store or in bulk at health food stores.




Your favourite sex toy

You already know my stance on this subject: I strongly believe in the effectiveness of orgasms to relieve period pain. After you come your body releases endorphins, hormones that relax your muscles and leave you with a pleasant feeling of well-being. 

If you decide not to engage in sexual activity with your partner during your period, using a sex toy is an easy and convenient way to have an orgasm. My absolute favourite is the Sona clitorial massager from Lelo. It’s rechargeable, eco-friendly and can be used in the bath.


The Magic Bag Pad

I definitely couldn’t go without this! Heat is known to be very effective for reducing menstrual pain and I can confirm that it works really well.

Made in Quebec, the Magic Bag Pad is practical, flexible and easily molds to the shape of your body, whether you are sitting at the office or lying down on the couch watching your favourite tv show. I also like that the pad is filled with oats, which creates the effect of a comforting massage. It’s also organic and safe to use on your skin. As someone who is always cold, it’s perfect for me!



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