30 Activities to Do With Your Kids

With summer right at our doorstep, your little (and not so little) ones most likely can’t wait to enjoy everything the season has to offer. But keeping them busy can be quite challenging for parents. To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of 30 fun activities you can do with your kids.


#1: Have a tickle party

Why? Because “laughter is the best medicine!” Not only does laughing feel good, it helps you bond with your kids, relieves stress, reduces pain, and strengthens your immune system.


#2: Read their favourite book

Even when children are very young, reading to them develops their cognitive function, listening skills, and language acquisition. Moreover, it stimulates their imagination, and is a great bonding activity. Why not introduce them to your favourite book from childhood while you’re at it?


#3: Give them a piggyback ride

Kids love piggyback rides! Just remember, only start giving them when they are about 24 to 36 months old. And for you moms or dads doing the heavy lifting, keep your core tight and practise good posture to avoid injury!


#4: Do a chore together and make it fun

A Harvard study found that children who did chores fared better later in life. In fact, engaging in chores makes kids feel capable and competent. Moreover, they will gain life skills and feel like they are part of the team.


#5: Have a dance party

Who doesn’t love to dance? Dancing is a great way to develop your child’s movement, stamina, flexibility, and memory. But most importantly, it’s just boat loads of fun. So, crank up your favourite playlist and get the party started!


#6: Engage in imaginative play

Imaginative play or make-believe is critical for a child’s development. Not only do they get to be superheroes or fairy princesses, but make-believe allows children to develop their creativity and social skills. So, put on your superhero costumes to get those spidey senses tingling!


#7: Sing karaoke

Music has so many benefits for a child’s cognitive function, particularly language acquisition and reading skills. Singing is also a great way to boost their emotional well-being, and stimulate their creativity and imagination. Luckily, there are many fun karaoke apps available.


#8: Go on an adventure

You don’t need to go on a real safari to have an adventure. Adventures can start right in your own backyard. Explore a new park. Visit a cool exhibition. Learn about the stars at your local planetarium. Just tailor the adventure to your kid’s interest and they are sure to have a blast.


#9: Put on a play

Get the creative juices flowing by writing out a short play and acting it out. You can even dress up for the part and set up an audience of stuffed animals. Who knows you may just have a future Oscar winner on your hands.


#10: Take photos of your favourite things

Let them explore the world around them by taking photos of some of their favourite things. You’ll get to learn what piques their curiosity and they’ll get to work on their observation skills. Why not make it theme-oriented? For example, photograph things of the same colour.


#11: Solve a puzzle together

Solving an age-appropriate puzzle together has numerous benefits. It exercises both sides of the brain, improves memory and problem-solving skills just to name a few. And, it’s a great way to keep them occupied.


#12: Toss a ball around

Playing catch, simply tossing a ball back and forth, is a great exercise for kids. It’s highly adaptable, low-effort, and can be played almost anywhere.


#13: Play with Lego

A staple of almost every toy chest, Lego has been around for generations . . . and with good reason. This building game stimulates so many facets of your child’s mind and imagination: from problem-solving to spatial awareness to teamwork to relaxation. Make it even more fun by not using instructions!


#14: Do some arts and crafts

From colouring books to painting to collage, the possibilities are endless. Need inspiration, check out websites like Craftgawker or the Spruce Crafts for cool ideas for all ages.


#15: Bake cookies from scratch

Grab those aprons and get ready for an afternoon bake off! Try these easy kid-friendly recipes and enjoy freshly baked, delicious cookies in no time.


#16: Get outdoors

Playing outside is so important for kids. Go to the park, explore nature, learn about trees or birds, spend time at the pool, or just play in the backyard. Spending time outdoors is good for their (and your) physical, mental, and emotional health.


#17: Treat the family to a surprise dinner

Why not host a “fancy” or themed dinner party? Let them take over meatless Mondays or taco Tuesdays with kid-friendly recipes. Set a nice table, get dressed up, or dine al fresco. Bon appétit!  


#18: Visit the museum

The perfect rainy day activity! There are even many amazing virtual museum activities and tours right now too. You can take virtual tours at the Louvre, the Met, the British Museum all from the comfort of home.


#19: Go on a bike ride

Take a ride through the neighbourhood, to a local park, or go on a longer adventure. In Montréal for example, you can explore the Lachine Canal, ride across the Estacade, or check out Old Montréal. There is always somewhere exciting to go. Just remember your helmets!


#20: Have a board game night

Dust off your old Monopoly board, or play one of these popular games. Whether it’s classic games or new favourites, board games are a great way to spend some serious quality time as a family. After all, the family that plays together stays together!


#21: Take selfies together

Dress up, wear funny hats, make stupid faces. Making memories has never been so much fun! And for extra laughs, play with the filters on apps like Instagram and Snapchat.


#22: Build an amazing couch fort and watch movies

Build a couch fort together with cushions and blankets. Then pop some popcorn, get extra cozy, and settle in for an afternoon of their favourite movies.


#23: Host a tea party

Whether you go all out (think cucumber sandwiches and porcelain) or keep it simple, your little ones can spend hours hosting tea parties. Invite some friends over, or keep the guest list to strictly stuffed animals and dolls!


#24: Engage in cosplay

Get the costume and wigs out and help them dress up as their favourite film, TV, book, or video game character. Don’t forget the face paint and props to complete the look!


#25: Volunteer at your local community organization

Volunteering gives kids the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, develop a sense of community, and build self-esteem. It is also a great bonding experience for families. Find volunteer opportunities in your community by consulting your local volunteer bureau.


#26: Play video games

Parent-approved video games can actually be beneficial for children. For example, educational games can help develop physical, mental, and social skills. Just remember to play in moderation.


#27: Wash the family car

Your kiddos will just love playing outdoors and splashing around while washing the car. They’ll also be proud to be helping mom and dad with “big kid” tasks.


#28: Hit the mini put

Relatively inexpensive and accessible, playing mini golf can be a real treat for all ages. It gets kids moving and is a fun family or group activity.


#29: Rent a scooter from your local shop and scoot around

Renting a scooter is a great way to explore your surroundings. Many places rent scooters by the hour, half-day, or day. Just remember to be cautious, and always wear a helmet and proper gear.


#30: Fly a kite

Head out to your local park or field to fly a kite. Remember, the more room the better. Try to pick a spot with few trees away from houses and watch your kite soar!


BONUS: Head to the local ice-cream parlour and try wild combinations for a good laugh

Why not switch up the standard vanilla or chocolate and try some wild combinations? Combine flavours, add weird toppings, the possibilities are endless!


Don’t forget your kid’s Warmy!

Regardless of what your day has in store for you and your little ones, don’t forget their Magic Bag Warmy. It can help soothe the pain of bumps and bruises they get along the way, or help them cool down on a hot day.