5 Indoor Date Ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Are you a romantic at heart? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your partner a little extra love and care. Taking the time to plan something special shows your significant other just how much they mean to you!

But with many Canadians still in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say celebrations will look a little different this year.

While you may not be able to hit up the hottest new restaurant in town or check out that new bar on your corner for cocktails, your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite (totally COVID-safe!) ways to celebrate your love this 2021. Whether you’re a foodie, game nerd, or are looking for some much-needed self-care, you’ll find just the idea to take your indoor date-night up a notch.


For the Foodie: Chef’s Table

Photo: ©A Couple Cooks. All rights reserved.

There’s nothing quite like creating a delicious meal to celebrate your love. Collaborate together on one of your favorite dishes, or try something new you’ve never eaten before! 

What about trying your hand at this scrumptious brussel sprout and caramelized onion heart-shaped flatbread (is there anything better than homemade pizza?). For those that are looking for something a little easier to throw together, you can snack on appetizers and assemble up a gorgeous vegan charcuterie board. To finish the night on a romantic note, you could even indulge in some chocolate dipped strawberries!

Put on some smooth jazz, pour yourselves a glass of red wine, and you’ve got yourself a delectable night in. 


For the Film Buff: Movie Night

For the film fanatics among us, a movie night is the bee’s knees. You could cuddle up to a rom-com, an old classic, or even an eerie thriller! Pile on the blankets and get into your coziest PJs. If you’re looking for an added level of relaxation, heat up your Magic Bag in the microwave so you can stay warm and soothe any sore muscles while you watch. 

And of course, what’s a movie night without snacks? Take the fun up a notch by getting all your favorite goodies: from popcorn to chocolate to your favorite local craft beer or cider. 

Not sure what to watch? Shake things up and check out a new streaming service! We are currently loving Crave’s selection (plus, it’s an excellent Canadian service!).


For the Zen: Spa Night

Been busy with work? Pandemic fatigue got you down? Maybe what you and your loved one need is a relaxing at-home spa night!

Our Magic Bag aromatherapy line has everything you need to bring the spa chez toi! From aromatherapy masks to slipper and mittens and neck wraps, all eliciting scents of soothing lavender, you and your significant other will be completely zenned out before you know it!

To add to the ambiance, you can open up your favorite bottle of wine, listen to your favourite music or queue up that podcast you both love!


For the Board-game Afficiondo: Game night!

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of work, dinner, chores, Netflix and bed. Board games allow you to spend quality time with your partner and indulge in some much-needed play! 

Normally play board games with a big group of friends? They can be just as fun for couples, too! Games like Patchwork or Targi bring the fun of board games to a two-player setting. 

Pick out your favorite two-player games and get set for a night of fun and friendly competition!

Looking for something a little more intimate? Check out the card game based on the popular Instagram account, We’re Not Really Strangers. Ask thought-provoking questions to get to know your partner on an even deeper level! Feel like you already know everything about your significant other? We bet you’ll learn something new!


For the Gamer: Collaborative Video Games

Don’t think of yourself as a gamer? Video games like Overcooked 2 or Unravel Two focus on collaboration and can be a great deal of fun for any casual gamer!  Both games are available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Plus, practicing your cooperation and teamwork skills through video games can help strengthen your bond and feel more connected as a couple. 

(Psst! You can always dust off any game from the Mario Kart franchise in case you feel competitive! Maybe the winner gets a massage?!)

Remember, no game night is complete without food and drinks! Why not order from your favorite takeout joint to complete the night? Video games and burritos sound like a pretty fab combo to us!

We hope that no matter how you choose to spend this Valentine’s day, you take the time to carve out an evening for that special someone. Don’t let quarantine stop you from celebrating the day of love! By doing something out of the ordinary, you’ll be able to show your partner just how much you care, and create an evening of fun that you’ll remember for years to come.