9 essentials to survive a Canadian Winter

Ah, winter. Whether you’re the type of person who welcomes the snowy cold with open arms, or the kind who starts counting down the days till summer in November, we can all agree that surviving a Canadian winter can be challenging at times.

As winter lasts nearly six months of the year, it’s important we find ways to make the most of this long, chilly season. With Canadian winter already in full-force, we thought we’d share our favorite ways to not only survive, but thrive, this winter season. From cozy self care ideas to practical gadgets, keep this list handy to embrace the colder months and find something to LOVE about winter. 


Portable coffee/tea mug


Is there anything worse than cold coffee? We don’t think so. Keep a heat-insulated portable coffee/tea mug on hand so you can enjoy your piping hot Timmies or the cappuccino from your local coffee shop in all its glory! There’s nothing like a warm beverage on a cool day to keep you warm and ready for any winter adventure.

Bonus? By using a reusable mug, you’ll be doing Mother Nature a favor, too!


Hot Compress

Girl lying down with Lavender Extended Aromatherapy on her neck

The perfect cure for when you come back to your abode after a long day out in the cold? Our Magic Bag hot compresses! When you’re chilled to the bone, and need to warm up after being out in the frosty cold, simply come home and throw your Magic Bag in the microwave for a few seconds. Our compresses will warm you up in no time and help relieve sore and tired muscles with its deep, penetrating heat. A must-have winter self care item!


Start a new hobby

woman doing macrame as new hobby

How about turning your <work brain> off and putting your creative skills into making something with your own two hands. It can be very therapeutic! How about learning to weave a macrame? Check out @Novamercury on Instagram; a local artist who has some amazing starter kits to take the guess-work out of getting started. Or, buy some paint and a blank canvas and paint something!

Supporo Merino Wool socks 

Let’s face it, your average thin socks just don’t cut it for keeping your feet warm once winter rolls around. This year is a great time to invest in thicker, higher-quality socks, such as our Supporo Merino Wool socks.

When it comes to winter materials, nothing beats merino wool. Their cozy warmth combined with their breathability make them perfect for any winter activity, whether you like to snowshoe, cross-country ski or skate! If staying warm at home with a book or movie is more your thing, they’ll keep you nice and cozy while you lounge.

Bonus points: these compression socks will also keep your blood flow going all day long, improve your circulation, and reduce the risk of clotting or varicose veins.


Layer up

Dressing for success in winter all comes down to the question: how good is your layering game? Now is the time to break out your cozy cardigans, underlayers, long johns and all of your winter accessories. Layer up with chunky blanket scarves, thick sweaters, and turtlenecks. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for pieces that work well for layering and don’t forget to bundle up before you leave the house!


Practice winter sports

It can be tempting to want to spend the entire winter inside, by the TV or nuzzled up by the fireplace. But in order to truly embrace winter, you’ve GOT to get outside! Figure out what you enjoy doing and strategize how you can make the most of this winter season. Maybe you could even try a new winter hobby – why not take up cross-country skiing or snowboarding, perhaps?

Especially with many indoor gatherings closed this year due to COVID-19, winter sports are a fabulous way to move your body, get into nature and spend time with your loved ones!

To keep your muscles feeling relaxed and ready for your next outing, be sure to use Magic Bag’s 2 IN 1 Large Wrap with Gel Pack compress, specially formulated to reduce pain and swelling after workouts.


Entertainment for the home

Ever find yourself thinking, “thank goodness we’re not all living through a pandemic in 1932”! Because we sure do! While we may all be stuck at home more than usual, at least we live in an era where we have TONS of high-quality entertainment to get us through it. To make the most of winter nights in, why not expand your streaming services?

Access a broader range of entertainment by expanding past Netflix – add on Crave, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus to have thousands of titles right at your fingertips!



Are you the type that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to keep your feet warm? There’s nothing worse than going to bed with icy toes! If your feet are always freezing, you might need to power up your slipper game. Our signature heatable slippers might be just the solution for you! All you need to do is heat the heatable inserts up in the microwave, put them back in the slippers and they’ll warm your feet up instantaneously.


Vitamin D

There’s no doubt about it, ALL Canadians should be taking a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin through exposure to sunlight, and we all know that from December – March, that sunlight is minimal. If you spend most of your day working at home or in the office, you’ll need to be extra careful about your Vitamin D intake. With the shorter days, it can be tough to spend enough time in the sun to get adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Try to be mindful about taking walks and spending time outdoors while the sun is shining, as well as take a supplement to make sure you’re meeting the requirement!

Well there you have it! Nine essentials to survive our often brutally cold Canadian winters. By paying extra attention to winter self care, and finding the right tools and strategies to embrace the cold, you may just find yourself embracing your inner winter lover.