A Note to Canada’s Healthcare Professionals

Every day, doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals are going into work, taking extra measures and precautions, working around the clock, and leaving their families to care for our community. Here at Magic Bag, we want to extend our gratitude and offer thanks to our frontline workers who are stepping up during this time of crisis, doing everything they can to keep us safe.

As Magic Bag compresses are considered a necessary medical product, we have been permitted to continue operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our factory in Montreal is still producing and our team members are still working. We know that not every Canadian business has been this lucky. Many companies are anxiously awaiting restrictions to loosen so they can reopen. Many employees are counting the days until they can go back to work and provide for their families.

Because we realize how fortunate we are, we also understand we have a duty and responsibility to give back to our community. Now, more than ever, we need to support one another in the best ways we know-how. Here at Magic Bag, we believe the most effective way we can support our community at this time is by making sure our healthcare professionals are equipped with the tools and resources they need to keep fighting the pandemic – without burning out. 

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, healthcare workers didn’t have an easy job. But with the arrival of this highly contagious virus, healthcare professionals are battling more stress than ever before. This is why all of us, but especially frontline workers, must prioritize practices of self-care

At Magic Bag, we have decided to support our healthcare workers by offering them some much needed, natural stress relief after those long hours tending to patients. To date, Magic Bag has donated over 500 therapeutic compresses to hospital staff across the country. On the west coast, we’ve donated to hospitals in the BC region such as Vancouver General Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, and Royal Columbia Hospital Foundation. In the Montreal region, we’ve donated compresses to The Jewish General Hospital, CHUM, and the Symbiose Residence Care Home. 

If you are a healthcare professional, from the entire team at Magic Bag, we thank you, we support you, and we are grateful for your hard work – today and every day. And if you aren’t a healthcare professional, I’m sure you know someone who is. Don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them, whether it’s by giving them a small token of appreciation or simply calling them to thank them for their service. We couldn’t do this without them!