Father’s Day 101

Sure, he makes corny dad jokes and tries to be hip in front of your friends—which let’s face it is soooo embarrassing—but deep down you know he’s the coolest guy around. This Father’s Day, plan a celebration worthy of the amazing man who raised you. Read on to find inspiration on activities you can do with your father (or father figure) this June 18.


For the adventurous father

If your father is less couch potato and more thrill seeker, why not plan something that will get the adrenaline pumping? Zip lining, sky diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping … there are plenty of activities that are sure to give dad that perfect rush and make him feel alive!


For the sports lover

Does your dad love sports? Does he always have the sports channel on in the background? Why not get him tickets to the game? If that’s not an option, you can still plan the perfect day of sports watching. Think ESPN classics, lots of snacks, and plenty of yelling at the TV!


For the DIY dad

If your dad loves to tinker in his workshop and constantly has a home improvement project underway, this is the perfect opportunity to lend him a hand. Whether it’s sanding the deck or building those shelves he’s been going on about, join him in his workshop and soak up some of his DIY wisdom.


For the stylish father

Is your dad always dressed to impress? Does he love fashion? Then why not head out for a day of shopping. Check out all his favourite stores, grab some lunch, and pick up a fashion tip or two while you’re at it.


For the outdoorsy dad

Is your dad an avid fisherman? Does he love hiking, kayaking, or mountain biking? This Father’s Day, plan a day trip out of town and soak in the great outdoors, dad style.


For the dad who loves a challenge

Does your dad love to compete? Is he always up for a friendly game or challenge? Then axe throwing might be just the thing! Or why not invite the extended family to the bowling alley for a friendly family competition? Otherwise, you can keep it simple with a family game night that features all the classic board games you know dad loves.


For the gourmet

Is your dad a bon vivant? Does he love to cook and try new foods? Then, make a reservation at the hip new restaurant everyone is talking about or take a cooking class together. In fact, sharing his love of food is a fantastic way to bond.


For the active dad

While you might prefer to spend your Sunday on the couch in your pyjamas, this Father’s Day join dad on his workout. For example, go for a run or bike ride together. Basically, today is about him so let him pick the activity and just remember to bring your enthusiasm.


For the dad with aches and pains

Fatherhood requires a lot of heavy lifting. Whether it’s picking up and carrying young children, horsing around, or constantly fixing stuff around the house, many dads, especially new dads, suffer from a sore back. This Father’s Day, treat him to a back-pain-free day with our Magic Bag limited edition camouflage heat compresses and sports gels. Perfect for soothing sore muscles and inflammation and relieving back pain.


For every dad

Because fathers are all different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to planning the perfect Father’s Day. But one thing every dad loves is a bit of pampering. So, after a day filled with fun daughter-father or son-father activities, treat dad to the best gift of all: relaxation. Let him stretch out on the couch, put on his favourite movie or the game, and give him a soothing massage. And voilà, mission accomplished!


Still need a gift for dad? Does he already have it all? Don’t stress, shop our collection of Magic Bag heat compresses and give him the gift that keeps on giving. Say goodbye to sore muscles, aches, and pains, and hello to relaxation.