New Year, new beginnings! Reach your full potential with these 10 positive attitudes (Part 2)

As we experience the new year of 2021, the Magic Bag team has started to practice new habits for a healthy life as described by our collaborator and Naturopath, Paméla Boucher  (@pamela_boucher on Instagram). We published the first half of this list a few days ago. Now we would like to share with you 5 extra ways to create positive habits in this new year.


6. Find some stress relief !

It is now well-known that stress is often one of the main causes of mental or physical illnesses. As a health professional, I know that prevention is key! Knowing how to manage and deal with stress through activities like yoga or cardiac coherence is essential. Simply start by incorporating moments of relaxation into your day and I guarantee it will have a major effect on your well-being! Yoga videos like this one on YouTube can be a great start to the world of Yoga.


7. Treat yourself !

It’s important to reward yourself for sustained efforts! In the health business, we call that a “rewards system.”  People need reward systems because they keep us motivated. There is a direct link between perseverance and achieving our most ambitious goals! Personally, after a long day at work, I like to reward myself with a nice, hot, lavender bath. To top everything off, I’ll do some bedtime reading and of course, I’ll put on my Magic Bag! Win-win!


8. Gratitude and optimism

It’s proven that having gratitude and acknowledging what we currently have makes us happy! Did you know that our brains secrete “feel-good” hormones once we get into the habit of being optimistic and expressing our gratitude? Practice makes perfect! Just like an athlete invests a lot of time practicing to improve their performance, it is our responsibility to build a positive, optimistic attitude. Alternatively to the gratitude journal idea, some people like to take one photograph or one short video a day to capture a moment that made them happy. You can try 1 Second Everyday to use this practice.


9. Muscle your brain!

Keep an eye on topics that interest you. Whether that’s reading, watching movies or listening to podcasts, any of these options are good ways to keep your grey matter active. It’s really important that we stimulate our neurons to protect our cognitive functions. This will act as a way of delaying the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Good choices are board games, chess, Scrabble and bridge. Have fun!


10.  Get creative !

The power of creativity is often overlooked. At its core, creativity helps us learn and solve problems. Being able to tackle life’s challenges head on is even more fun when you know how to use the power of creativity! We recommend trying out a new hobby like photography or watercolour painting! With thousands of online courses on the internet, you can quickly learn a new way to explore your creativity. For example, check out this video on watercolour painting.

We hope that you are already seeing the results of putting the first 5 habits into practice and that these additional habits complement them well. This wonderful list was created by Paméla Boucher, a Naturopath, certified personal trainer and certified running evaluator with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and her personal website for more lovely content!



Paméla has a specific expertise in the fields of fitness, wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. She graduated from a B.Sc. in kinesiology at UQAM and in naturopathy N.D. at CNCL Montréal. She is also a certified personal trainer since 2010.

Paméla is a person driven by passion and is attentive to people’s needs. Therefore, improving people’s lives by offering them healthy lifestyle advice is an aspect of her work that she takes to heart. She makes it her duty to bring them a sense of wellbeing while restoring their confidence.