Regaining your power over endometriosis and chronic pain

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Written by Marie-Pier Deschênes. Find her biography at the end of this article.

In this series, I have discussed how nutrition plays an important part in managing your menstrual cycle and my 3 essential tools for relieving period pain. In this article, I will discuss how to regain your power over endometriosis and chronic pain.

According to Endométriose Québec, 1 in 7 women suffer from this chronic illness. Emma shared her experience with us : “I suffer from a chronic illness called endometriosis, which triggers very intense pain in the pelvic region. Oftentimes people think that the pain only happens during your period, but it actually happens daily.” (you can listen to her story, in french, here).

Here are 4 areas to explore if you live with endometriosis and you want to actively regain your power.



  • Understand the importance of a healthy diet as someone who lives with a chronic illness
  • Identify inflammatory foods (i.e., gluten, dairy products, alcohol)
  • Determine the foods that you can eat
  • Learn how to cook easy meals (it really makes a difference)
  • Meal planning for the week encourages you to eat well-balanced meals



  • Redefine what “exercise” means to you
  • Discover the best ways to move your body (especially when you don’t want to move)
  • Exercise daily by planning according to your energy levels (i.e., going for a walk, taking the stairs, dancing in your living room, or trying a HIIT workout).



Stress management

  • Understand why stress management is important for women with endometriosis
  • Try different, easy and cheap ways to reduce stress (i.e., yoga, swimming, masturbating, journaling and painting).
  • Use methods that work well for you and create new stress-reducing habits

Magic Bag’s classic line of thermotherapeutic compresses offers very affordable and really soothing products to support you during the most stressful moments in your daily life. The compresses are filled with organic grains and are compostable after 100 uses. A product that is eco-friendly and Quebecois!


Alternative and natural solutions:

  • Increase your understanding of toxins and chemicals in relation to your hormones
  • Explore different alternatives to traditional menstrual products
  • Find more natural products for your home and body
  • Explore CBD, chinese medicine or acupuncture



Marie-Pier loves rivers and has a Master’s degree in Social Work. With Comme des lapins, she aspires to be a part of the solution by offering an authentic, inclusive and feminist space to talk about sexuality. She helps women put their sexuality back at the heart of their well-being by focusing on their cyclical nature with a coaching service and online training courses.