Do you have step-by-step instructions for waxing with Warm (salon) wax?

Here are some step-by-step instructions. Note that these also appear on the peel-back label on the Softepil Warm Wax pot that you purchased.


IMPORTANT: Do not use wax on broken, irritated, sensitive skin. Ensure wax is warm, not hot (approx. 50°C) to avoid burns. Perform 24h patch test on small area of leg.

WARNING: If overheated, wax can ignite and burn like oil causing serious burns. Allow wax to warm and melt. Do not force stirring of top layer, as inside may be boiling. Microwaves may heat unevenly, causing wax to overheat at top or bottom.

YOU NEED: Epildou wax pot, oven gloves, wood/metal spatula, cotton/non-woven strips, post depilatory wipes or baby oil to remove any residual wax from skin. Hair must be a minimum of 1.7 mm in length for optimal results.

1. Remove lid. Heat open wax pot in microwave. Begin at 30-second intervals, medium power for 2 to 4 minutes total. Wearing oven gloves, gently stir wax at each 30 second interval until wax is creamy (50°C). Heat times for reference only.

2. Dip spatula in wax. Scrape on edge of jar. Spread very thin layer on skin, in direction of hair growth. (Figure 1)

3. Apply strip over wax, smoothing with one hand. (Figure 2)

4. Stretch skin with one hand. With other hand close to skin, pull strip quickly parallel and in opposite direction of hair growth. (Figure 3)

5. Clean wax residue from skin with wipes or oil.


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