1875 WATT Portable hair dryer


Professional hair dryer provides variable speed and temperature controls. Use the cool shot button at the end of your blow drying to set your hair by closing the hair cuticles.

2 speed settings for fast and efficient styling.

  • Low: Ideal for fine or fragile hair.
  • High: Great for normal or coarse hair.
  • Cool shot: Closes the hair cuticle and sets your hair style. 


  • Concentrator: Defined air flow for precision and shine.
  • Rubberized ring hook: Allows hanging for compact storage.




1 year limited warranty

SKU: 420282


This professional hair dryer offers multiple temperature and speed settings to ensure that you get the hairstyle you desire. Comes with two speed settings for fast and efficient styling; low speed being ideal for fine or fragile hair and high speed being great for normal or coarse hair. Finish off your blow-drying sessions with the cool shot button to close the hair cuticles and set your hair style.  Professional hair dryers are also loaded with accessories such as the concentrator feature which allows for a defined air flow for precision and shine, as well as the rubberized ring hook which enables it to hang, so you can store it easily and take it with you on the go.  What’s more? It folds in half to make for an ultra-compact footprint, great for bringing to the gym or as you travel (110-volt plug destinations only).


Additional information

Weight 0.56 kg (1.23 lbs)
Dimensions 13.50 × 8.80 × 22.40 cm (5.31 x 3.46 x 8.82 in)