When developing the Eco Go line of travel accessories, our goal was to provide tools to help keep traveling simple and stress-free, both while packing as well as on-the-go.

Getting ready for a big trip should be exciting and as stress-free as possible. Eco Go provides organizers, small bottles and containers, luggage identifiers and more to help take the guess-work out of packing and ensure that your personal belongings and important documents arrive neat and safe and sound at your destination.

Our designer, Deny, explains how she chose the color palette and designed the logo for this complete line of travel goods:

Color Study:

“My color study was based on the most ideal travel tropical destinations. The turquoise embodies warm tropical water and the sienna and deep brown the sand and rock. Additionally, I felt that these colors convey the look of high-end luxury hotels and spas. The contrasting colors attract attention to the packaging and have the benefit of being gender neutral.”





Eco Go Logo branding

Font selection:

‘Was based on a modern and bold geometric look with a font that has a perfectly rounded “o” to target the global metaphor, that is also mimicked in the arc, ending in the geometric airplane. Lowercase letters were used to give the logo purity. Eco go = travel should be simple.’

Logo design:

‘My job was to create a concept that communicates a specific message, a story from beginning, to middle and end. In this case the message starts from the eco go logo then your eye follows the dotted arc, representing movement and finally through to the airplane representing travel/destination. Our message is: Eco go travels with you.’ – Deny, Designer, 2018

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