Combining high-end fabric made in Italy with unique proven weaving technology, Supporo graduated compression stockings improve circulation and help to increase blood flow to the heart.


“I recently used Supporo knee-high socks to work our booth at the IT Technology Conference in Toronto. Instead of the usual throbbing and swelling, I felt light on my feet all day. Thank you, Supporo!’’ -Craig – Sales Representative, Toronto, Canada

“Pressure, fit: excellent support and comfort, not a struggle to put on or take off;

Material: very comfortable, padding was the right amount and in the right places for golf, looking forward to wearing them for hockey too.

Style: Cool. Sporty, and a bit of added style for golf. Surprisingly, other golfers noticed the socks and were very complimentary.” -Michael

“I used Supporo knee-high socks to travel to Asia on my last trip over there and it made all the difference. My feet and legs did not swell and more importantly, I did not experience the regular discomfort that I normally would in-flight.” -Melanie – Product Manager, Montreal, Canada