Take control of your health in an elegant and comfortable way with Supporo compression socks, the brand most-prescribed by doctors and recommended by pharmacists in Canada. Made from Italian high-end fabric, Supporo compression stockings are offered in a myriad of options from medical compression socks to knee-high compression stockings for daily wear. Whether you want to enhance your training session with sport compression socks or you want to look your best with compression hose, we’ve got you covered when you need to buy compression socks in-store or online.



5 star rating

Pressure, fit: excellent support and comfort, not a struggle to put on or take off;

Material: very comfortable, padding was the right amount and in the right places for golf, looking forward to wearing them for hockey too.

Style: Cool. Sporty, and a bit of added style for golf. Surprisingly, other golfers noticed the socks and were very complimentary.” –Michael

5 star rating


“I recently used Supporo knee-high socks to work our booth at the IT Technology Conference in Toronto. Instead of the usual throbbing and swelling, I felt light on my feet all day. Thank you, Supporo!’’ -Craig. Toronto, Canada


5 star rating


“I used Supporo knee-high socks to travel to Asia on my last trip over there and it made all the difference. My feet and legs did not swell and more importantly, I did not experience the regular discomfort that I normally would in-flight.” -Melanie.  Montreal, Canada