Opaque knee-high compression socks, 14-18 MMHG

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Graduated compression socks. Graduated compression reduces leg fatigue and swelling while improving blood circulation. Made in Italy with the finest quality materials to provide long lasting comfort and relief.

  • Knee-high for women & men
  • Opaque
  • Two-way stretch knit
  • Relieves varicose veins and vascular disorders
  • Ideal for travelers
  • 68% polyamide / 32% elastane
  • Size: S to L (see size chart below)
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Moderate pressure 14-18mmHg: Perfect for pregnant women and travellers at risk of venous thrombosis and for people with varicose veins or moderate swelling in the legs. They are also prescribed for patients who have undergone minor vein surgeries.

  • Available in black and in 3 sizes
  • Made in Italy

Size Chart

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Dimensions 2.50 × 11.80 × 19.60 cm (0.98 x 4.65 x 7.72 in)