The Benefits of the Lymphatic Massage

The human body is a complex system, with each and every component playing its own unique role in maintaining good overall health. While the circulatory system moves blood throughout the body, the lymphatic system ensures the proper circulation of lymphatic fluid. Also simply referred to as “lymph,” this clear fluid has a number of functions: draining cellular waste, absorbing fats and fat-soluble nutrients, and defending the body from unwanted organisms. This vital filtration process is conducted through the many lymph nodes located throughout the body, including the neck region.

Unlike the circulatory system, which is managed by the beating of the heart, the lymphatic system is tied to body movement and breathing. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or who suffer from chronic conditions like cancer or fibromyalgia are prone to poor lymph flow. This can have rather harmful effects on the body, such as weakness due to slow detoxification, swelling of the lower limbs, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Cosmetic changes may also occur, including the development of stretch marks and cellulite.


Lymphatic Massage to the Rescue

Taking on healthy lifestyle habits is strongly encouraged to combat poor lymph circulation, but an additional option is the lymphatic massage (also known as lymphatic drainage). This technique stimulates lymph flow and reduces swelling through a gentle, full body massage. There are two primary lymphatic massage methods: the Vodder method and the Leduc method. The Vodder method is comprised of rhythmic, circular hand motions of varying pressure, while the Leduc method combines a manual approach with pressure therapy equipment. In either case, the treatment is carried out much like a conventional massage. Lymphatic massage helps stimulate and rebalance the lymphatic system, allowing fluids to travel more freely through vessels and nodes.

Lymphatic massage is practiced not only in clinics and hospitals, but also in many beauty treatment centers and spas across Canada.


Where to Go in Montreal

Photo: ©Bota Bota. All rights reserved.

  • Bota Bota: a unique spa experience with a variety of massage options, located on a ship anchored in Montreal’s Old Port.
  • Spa Vert: a center for bodywork and holistic health in an eco-friendly environment.
  • Espace Nomad: a holistic spa offering a boutique, juice bar, organic products, and a variety of massages.
  • Spa Diva: a luxurious urban spa offering all you need for bodycare, facial treatment, and relaxation.


Where to Go in Toronto

Photo: ©Hammam Spa. All rights reserved.

  • Body In Tune: an impressive range of services, including a detoxifying lymphatic drainage treatment using grapefruit extract.
  • Toronto Bodyworks: a health and massage therapy center featuring lymphatic massage specialists.
  • Hammam Spa: the intersection of beauty, health, and spirituality.
  • Laya Spa and Yoga: a community focused on improving well-being through yoga and holistic health.


Where to Go in Vancouver


To be most efficient, lymphatic massage must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. It would also be beneficial to try out compression stockings, which can greatly reduce the painful effects of poor circulation, such as leg heaviness and swelling. We recommend that you check out our guide before making a purchase.


Note: the locations listed above are based on general research and are for informational purposes only. These centers have not been tested by members of our editorial team.