Why Wear Compression Socks in the Summer?

For so many of us, summer is synonymous with sandals and going barefoot. But if you have to wear compression socks for health reasons, going sock-less is just not an option. Especially as leg health is an issue that should be taken seriously no matter the season. And, unfortunately, the heat can often make these issues worse. Luckily, compression socks have come a long way. Now made with soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable natural fibres in a range of cool colours, compression socks are now easier to wear in the summer than ever before. Read on to discover why you should wear compression socks in the summer and how to pick the right socks for you.


How does the heat affect leg health?

First, let’s go over how heat impacts your leg health. When legs are exposed to sun and heat, veins can become excessively dilated and small valves are weakened, making it difficult for veins to pump blood back to the heart. This poor circulation then causes fluid retention in the legs. And in turn causes heavy legs, leg aches, swelling (edema), and discomfort.


Why wear compression socks in the summer?

Compression therapy is a proven method for alleviating leg aches and reducing discomfort and pain and that heavy leg feeling. As temps heat up, these symptoms are often exacerbated. But summer also means a change in activities and lifestyle, making compression therapy a great choice for:

  • Improving blood circulation, reducing muscle soreness, and speeding up recovery during and after your workout.
  • Improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of clots during travel, particularly air travel but also when sitting for long periods in the car or on the bus or train … or even at your desk!
  • Reducing swelling, soothing aches and pains, and minimizing the appearance of varicose veins caused by pregnancy and the heat.


How to pick your summer compression socks?

First consider the fabric. Fabric is key. You want a natural fibre that wicks moisture, breathes, and provides natural odour resistance. Good options include cotton, microfibres, and merino wool! Yup, we said wool. Surprisingly, merino wool socks provide many benefits in both hot and cold weather. Merino wool is a super-soft, natural, and renewable fibre that keeps feet dry and sweat-free, naturally reduces odours, and is super comfortable and lightweight. Its moisture-absorbing properties and breathability help keep you dry on hot, humid days.


Second, think about style. Compression socks come in various styles, including thigh-high, knee-high, and even pantyhose. Try switching to a knee-high model, or even an open-toe style to wear with your favourite open-toe shoes. Opt for lighter colours and consider sheer compression pantyhose and socks for dressier outfits. Calf sleeves are also a great choice if you do not need compression on your ankles and feet, helping to keep feet cooler.


Wearing compression socks in the summer does not need to be a burden. With various lightweight, moisture-wicking, and natural odour resistance fabrics and styles, compression socks can easily be worn on hot days to help soothe swelling and discomfort caused by the heat. Shop our wide selection of Supporo compression socks today!


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