Proudly Canadian

Did you know that Magic Bag is proudly made in Canada? First, the 100% cotton fabric of our original Magic Bag is carefully cut and sewn by hand in order to create a high-quality artisanal product. Later, our bags are filled with organic Canadian grains that ensure a safe application directly on the skin. The grains are picked for their ideal release of moist heat, which penetrates the muscles quicker for faster pain relief. Finally, our team tightly seals the Magic Bag in locally-printed boxes to ensure that the product is kept in a hygienic way.

Compostable and Eco-conscious

Through filling our products with organic grains, we make sure to contribute to a greener future – these grains are not only safe, but they are compostable too! As a Magic Bag product reaches its one-hundredth use, the natural grains begin to lose their heating retention capabilities. We recommend that when you choose to replace your Magic Bag, you cut open your used product and compost the grains! You can learn more on composting on our blog.

Thinking about more ways to provide stress and pain relief

Our experience as providers of pain relief with the beloved blue Magic Bag has served us to expand the ways in which we soothe our community.

Family-Tested, Family-Approved

Three of our classic Magic Bag compresses, and best sellers, are the winners of the Family-Tested, Family-Approved seal of approval! Families across Canada from the PTPA community were able to use and review our Magic Bags- they decided to award our products with their seal of approval after experiencing the quality of our natural pain relief solutions.

Discover our modern prints

We have added our Limited Edition Magic Bag line – our classic Magic Bag models in modern designer prints. These reimagined Magic Bags not only can look fashionable when being used, but they also blend seamlessly with your home decor.

Bring the Spa to your home

Our aromatherapy line, Magic Bag Spa, combines luxurious plush fabrics with essential oils to deliver a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we created compresses that are exquisitely shaped like mittens, slippers, and eye masks for optimal relaxation and to melt your stress away.

Warmy - Hypoallergenic compresses for kids

For the little ones of the house we created Warmy, a line of hypoallergenic compresses shaped like cute animals! Each character has its own name and bio to add an extra fun element to their usage. The hypoallergenic rice inside the Warmy’s provides safe relief from tummy aches, chills and bruises that is approved by parents across Canada.

Additionally, when you purchase a Warmy, we donate a percentage of the profits to the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. This foundation raises funds to help create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We are proud to have doubled our contributions year-over-year for the last 3 years and looking forward to more!

For the Athletes

Finally, for the sports enthusiasts and athletes we offer our Sport Gel line – gel-powered medium and large wraps with an ergonomic design to comfortably treat injuries and improve post-workout recovery without the messy condensation you would typically get from an ice pack or a bag of peas. Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. We got you!

Designed with common aches and pains in mind

We know that each body has its unique pain points and that one product cannot simply fit all. This is why we have created a section of our website where you can sort through the most common types of chronic or acute pains. You can browse by neck, shoulder, knee pain and more! Simply click on the icon that best describes your aches and pains.