Hot / Cold Therapeutic Compresses

Magic Bag is Canada’s most-beloved brand of hot cold compresses to ease aches and relieve stress. Our products are assembled locally and filled carefully with organic grains to provide natural pain relief. Whether you need a heat pack to alleviate muscle tension or a cold compress to fight inflammation, Magic Bag has you covered!

Witness the magic

Magic Bag compresses are adored by Canadians! Watch our videos to find out why… 


“Just like his mama, Parker has always loved all things warm & cozy… and nothing beats his favorite Magic Bag Warmy when he’s not feeling his best. Recently Parker got pretty sick. We spent days in and out of the
hospital and ER, trying to figure out exactly what was wrong.(..)Edgar made him feel brave during blood tests, kept him warm and cozy during all the long hospital waits & was the perfect little friend during a time when he was scared.” –

“Great product for headaches body aches and any body pains. I highly recommend this product. Works better than any OTC drugs and prescribed drugs. A must buy if get headaches and/or body aches!” -John

“Love these bags. This is the second one that I have. The first one finally started to wear out after about 10 years of use. Have actually sewn a patch on the section that was wearing out so I can keep using it. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that has back problems. I love the fact that there are lots of beans in it and how it molds to your body” -Penny

“Did anyone measure their kids at two and then double their height to see how tall they’ll be when they’re older? I did it for everyone except (my daughter) because the twins were born right around when she was two so that went real loowwww on the priority list at the time…I remember getting the worst growing pains as a kid and she’s always following in my footsteps, so I shouldn’t be surprised she’s complaining about it now too. We use our special Warmy’s to help soothe the kids’ growing pains.” – @whatdreamsmaybecome

“ Everyone needs a Magic Bag in their household “ -Charlotte

“My mom received a magic bag. One year for Christmas. I believe it was when they first came out. I was only a little girl. Since then we have been using them in our family. Mom still has one myself and sometimes my husband will use mine. Either for pain or to keep us warm!!!!” -Adrienne

“Both of our boys have always loved having something to cuddle in bed at night time. Since being
introduced to The Warmy Magic Bag, Hendrik has a new favorite – Dax the dinosaur! Not only is he super soft and cuddly, he is also filled with organic hypoallergenic rice that can be heated or cooled for safe pain relief. When he has a tummy ache, we simply just warm Dax for 30 seconds in the microwave and he becomes warm. The perfect remedy to help comfort Hendrik”. @themckeens