How do I choose what kind of coloring treatment to use?

Permanent or semi-permanent: Who is it for and why is each used? What if I have grey hairs that need to be hidden?

A) Permanent hair color: Permanent hair color deposits the pigment inside your hair follicle for long-lasting results. If you want to lighten your hair, you must choose a permanent hair color. 

B) Semi-permanent hair color: This is generally used for those with natural hair to add some dimension or as a temporary solution (lasts approximately 2 weeks). This method deposits color on the surface on your hair only; without altering the structure. You cannot lighten your hair with a semi-permanent color. 

For greys and whites: If you have more than 10% white or grey hair (in your natural hair), you will have to use a permanent hair color for fuller coverage and uniform results. 

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