The basis of innovation: Research & Development

Original, intense, customized, lasting. That’s how every customer would describe their perfect colour. Vitality’s is the Italian brand that offers a range of products 100% Made in Italy for hair colouring.

Every day, we apply a precious and irreplaceable element in our laboratories: our knowledge.

This is the driving force behind innovation and the result of our team’s hard work and dedication. This knowledge grows daily during the hours invested in on-going research and development and is applied in the dozens of laboratory tests conducted on each of our products.

These tests are so stringent that no more than around 100 of the approximately 600 formulas evaluated every year are manufactured on an industrial level. Knowledge is also the basis of the skill with which we select active ingredients and new raw materials which are then subjected to strict dermatological and toxicology tests to ensure reliability.

You will not find this factor listed amongst the ingredients, but it is in fact the best guarantee that we can offer the quality and effectiveness of our products.


social responsibility

We believe that profit and responsibility are not two opposing concepts. This is why we invest resources and time in the continuous innovation of our purification facilities, we perform chemical and clinical analyses and, through research, we select natural and environmentally friendly active ingredients for our products.