Sport gel 2 in 1 large wrap with gel pack

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Each sport wrap is designed for maximum contact to help calm inflammation, reduce swelling and speed up recovery.

  • Insulated wrap with non-toxic gel pack
  • Intense cold, fast recovery, reusable
  • Efficient hot and cold   
  • 54 X 32 cm (21 1/4 x 12 in)
SKU: 100100


A comfortable fit for knees or shoulders – two of the joints most-commonly injured in sports.

10.6’’ / 26.9 cm width of gel pack ensures proper coverage of side ligaments.

1 x 10’’/ 25. 4 cm and 1 x 20’’/50.8 cm adjustable strap enables self-application on knee or shoulder.

  • Nylon liner protects skin from direct contact with the gel pack and also promotes moist therapy for faster penetration and relief.
  • Innovative gel formula helps avoid messy condensation associated with ice compresses.
  • Includes convenient, removable gel pack for a custom treatment (cold or hot therapy).
  • Flexible gel ensures maximum contact for optimal results.
  • Registered with Health Canada as a medical device.

WARNING: Persons suffering from diabetes or any other health problem should consult a doctor before using Magic Bag Sport wraps. Note that the gel pack is not suitable for children under the age of 3.


Additional information

Weight 0.97 kg (2.14 lbs)
Dimensions 16.40 × 10.60 × 19.00 cm (6.46 x 4.17 x 7.48 in)

69 reviews for Sport gel 2 in 1 large wrap with gel pack

  1. A

    Loved the wrap after an intense workout at the gym. I had a recent shoulder injury and this really helps. I loved the fact that you it can just be strapped on instead of having to be held

  2. Bridget

    It was really great just started te wear really quickly.

  3. Tina

    This works amazing. I have issues with my shoulder and this works like a charm. I absolutely love it.

  4. Jason

    Held the joint together and took away alot of pain. Just made me feel better all over to be honest, you have something on that supports and is soothing and it really changes your day.

  5. Amy

    works amazing, i was skeptical at first but i ended up loving it

  6. Georgina

    Great product . Eased pain in my neck. Very easy to travel with. Only need a microwave

  7. Victoria

    Its a good product. It helps the body and soothes at the same time

  8. Zina

    My hubs loves his
    Especially after or during work outs

  9. Brittany

    I trust magic bag when it comes to all my aches and pains.
    Unlike a heating pad which has burned me I can fall asleep with this on.
    I love the versatility of being able to use it in more than one spot. And being able to use it hot or cold.

  10. Shannon

    love this magic bag you have the choice to have it hot or cold which is so nice I suffer from bulging discs and this helps to relieve some pain I have and this product can be worn so you can go about your day with it on Love it!!! #gotitfree thanks Home testers!!!

  11. Sandra

    I love the new gel PACs. Easy to use and help with the pain. Love all their products and have most of them. Great for traveling too.

  12. Kayla

    I loved this product and I found it actually really helped with my pain

  13. Amanda

    I pulled a muscle in my left lower back, and I wanted to try the Sport Gel 2 in 1 Magic Bag to see if it would help. It did help ease the majority of the pain, but not all… but I would recommend this natural way rather than pills.

  14. Fanny

    Yeh. Had tried this product loved it , so will recommend to try it for any pain like shoulder , knee etc

  15. Trina

    This this great product.. easy to use..maintains the coolness, last for 35mins.

  16. Ozlem

    This sport gel 2 in 1 with magical bag is just amazing. For pain I used to use ice pack or hot water bag but they weren’t as convenient as this magic bag. It us very easy to use, I used it with the cold method. It was ready after leaving it in the freezer for 4 hours and put it on my shoulder and on my knee another time. This bag keeps the gel very stable and clean. The elastics straps are very flexible and easy to use. This is a great innovation, totally recommended.

  17. Rhonda

    I used it for my shoulder as a have a large tear. I thought it was a little bulky for a shoulder but it was good for my husband who used it on his back. I didnt think the fel bag heated up that well but I prefer it to be fairly hot. My husband who used it for his back thought the heat was fine as he dosent like it that hot. The overall concept is great.

  18. Nancy

    These fit surprisingly well as I thought they were going to fit a man but I was fine. These wraps were amazing, did the job & made my workout that much more comfortable & enjoyable.

  19. Aradhya

    It helped me to reduce the inflammation and pain on my shoulder caused by lifting weights. Its a great support as well

  20. Kathleen

    While it is multi-functional for both knee and shoulder, it took a few minutes to figure out how to use for the shoulder and was a little too big for the knee, which is where I wanted to use it most. Eventually I was able to tighten it enough and it did help a lot for my sore, tired knee. I used it for heat and it did sooth my knee.

  21. Tammy

    It works amazing. I used it as a cold pack. I loved that it was easy to use. I used it on my knee everyday since I received it.

  22. Bonny

    I really like the Magic Bag sport gel wrap as it fits nicely on my knees and keeps the gel pack in place. I no longer have to hold the gel pack in place and can sit back with my legs up while applying ice or heat to my knees. I like the layer between the gel pack and the skin as I don’t need to wrap the ice pack in a towel for comfort like I did with other gel packs. I like the size of this wrap as it covers my knees nicely for even coverage.

  23. Kavleen

    I really enjoyed using the magic sport gel and wrap. the best part is the wrap keeps the gel safe and clean.

  24. Sam

    After getting 1 of these, I had to go out and buy another. This Magic Bag is the best for anyone who suffers from joint pain in any joint, but for me, I have always had issues in my shoulders and have never had a piece of recovery equipment like this Magic Bag, that has allowed me to ice my shoulders after a gruelling shoulder workout in the gym. These are awesome. The are custom adjustable and stay in place. Whether it’s your ankles, knees, elbows, hip, or shoulders, this will help, and I highly recommend this to anyone that suffers for joint or muscle pain, this will definitely be of great help for you!

  25. Travis

    Is really great that it fits those hard to ice/heat body parts. Also great that in one product you can do both of those things. Like that it’s a darker color too which will keep it looking nice longer than a lighter color. Great fit!

  26. Jenny

    This unique shape and design of the heating pad helped me target specific muscles for treating inflammation and soreness after a workout before it could lead to injury. I liked that this pack could be used either hot or cold with easy to use straps made it simple to adhere onto the shoulder or knee. Perfect for when I workout but also perfect for after work muscle soreness because my job is pretty physical as I work in the public library where there is a lot of lifting involved and materials handling on a daily basis. My shoulders/upper back are usually stiff after a long day’s work so this pack helped alleviate any soreness or pain I may have felt at the end of the day.

  27. Falisha

    Going into this I was particularly excited, I had been feeling a lot of pain in my shoulders and knees lately. The magic bag was a little intimidating at first, after reading the instructions and researching the benefits of using this, I was a lot more confident in trying it. I used it that very same night, first cold then warm, it helped relax my joint and relieve the pain I felt in my knees and shoulders. I continued and still continue to use it whenever I feel pain and dont want to use medication. I really appreciate receiving this and I will be recommending to anyone who is looking to relieve shoulder/knee pains.

  28. Kevin

    I love the versatility of this product. Love that you can use it anywhere on your body.

  29. Ruby

    Recieved this for free and I’m so lucky ti have this amazing product!!!!It was just what I needed. I like how I can use it in multiple places. My back specifically on my shoulder, my leg…wherever.Perfect for my busted knees. Easy to use. Freezes really quickly and stays icy cold for awhile. I like the Velcro that comes with it. Easy to strap it on and walk around in it.I love the size, as he weighs perfectly,It fits because it adjustable–and stays cold for long. The cover allows the cold to get to my shoulder back and knees as its light weight material.Thanks for making such a useful sized ice/hot pack!Highly recommended!!!!!

  30. Vishal

    Great Product for all adult in our community who work

  31. Ted

    I really liked the large wrap with gel pack except the gel pack came with a hole cut into it so I used another cold pack with it to help to reduce the swelling in my shoulder

  32. Soumi

    I loved the product a lot. First time using something like this. It worth a buy. It works great

  33. Jessica

    This works amazing! The Velcro is tight and easy to use and I love that you can use the bag either hot or cold and for several different body parts. This was great to have after the gym and when feeling extra strained.

  34. Zvi

    easy to use, keeps hot and cold for a very long time and fits perfectly on all my limbs! Helps me so much after a good long workout or game of soccer

  35. Stacey

    This bag was great. It had all of the great qualities as the magic bag but it holds tight to the body. It formed great on both my arm and leg. I highly recommend. I have already bought one for my father and father in law

  36. Troy

    I was very surprised that it actually worked. I have tried so many that make all the same promises and in the end they don’t work like the magic bag sport gel wrap.

  37. Michelle

    Helped with knee pain and inflammation….was impressed with the results

  38. Shara

    I’ve tried heating pads for my shoulders, neck and back but like the straps of the Magic Bag. It was a little hard to wrap around my shoulders at first but I got the hang of it.

  39. Shara

    I’ve tried heating pads for my shoulders, neck and back but like the straps of the Magic Bag. It was a little hard to wrap around my shoulders at first but I got the hang of it.

  40. Russell

    I really like that I can put on my shoulders comfortably. The heat lasts and the coolness also. I really like that I can use for both. I totally recommend to anyone that has mild to bad pain.

  41. Rebecca

    I liked the magic bag. it definately did the trick with all of my back pains I get!

  42. Elisabeth

    Love that it can hot or cold…I have tendonitis in my one knee and when I was having a tough day I heated it up for 45 seconds and put it on for fifteen minutes and i felt relief .. I also used it for cramps and it instantly relieved the pain I was in

  43. Lindsay

    Great for any application , I use it for neck pain and my 8 year old son has been using it for growing pains & it works perfectly in an applications we have used it in. The straps are amazing

  44. Lisa

    Loved the fact that you c@n use it hot or cold and the fact that it c@n be used on your shoulder or your knee makes it worth the money. It was relatively easy to use the support straps to secure the bag. As a user of heating pads I definately recommend

  45. Alysha

    I received this product for free to test, but all opinions are mine. I was pleased by the performance of the product. The magic bag gel pack held both hot and cold temperatures for an extended time. The wrap easily fit on my shoulder and knee as well as my husbands. It was great that we both got great use out of the same product. I do wish it was more versatile for other joints – ankles and back as well as those are other common injured areas with playing sports. Overall, great product and something we would purchase in the future.

  46. Rick

    The magic bag is easy to apply on your own. I also love the mesh pocket for the gel pack. Most ice packs need to be wrapped in a towel which makes it lose effectiveness.

  47. Holly

    I really did like thisSport Gel 2 in 1. I wore it mostly on my shoulder as I had a bike accident last year and broke my shoulder so heating the gel up in the microwave and inserting it into the net pocket was so easy! It soothed my should immensely!! I also wore it on my knee as I walk my dog twice per day and that’s like 6-8 kms so my knees get sore, but not anymore!! I found it to be very comfortable and firm and in place. It wasn’t going anywhere. I also love that this is made by The Original Magic Bag. I like that I can take the gel bag out and wash it, then throw the sports wrap in the washer to clean it, as well. Very pleased with this!! I also like to have the sport wrap just in case I gain wait!! Thank you, Home Tester Club

  48. Dawn

    This Magic Bag is great! It’s large enough to use on any part of your body, and it comes with 2 straps to adjust and attach to fit however you need to use it. I also like the Velcro closing to keep the ice bag in place. Overall great product.

  49. Julie

    The wrap is impossible to use for any back application. I would it use it for the arms, which is the only instruction included with the box. The straps are very uncomfortable against the skin. The heating/cooling bag is good it heats up quickly and keeps warm for about 30 mins. I did not use the cooling function. The mesh pocket is okay but I find it problematic that I have to put the bag in the mesh and then put my hand to flatten it out.

  50. Katie

    I have a bad knee that needs hot and cold at different times. This is amazing for that! I love the fact that it can be strapped on so you can walk around with it if you have to. I would definitely recommend this

  51. Laurrie

    I have a neck injury that radiates down my shoulder and arm. This item was amazing. I loved it for the shoulder because of the straps it stays on so when you move around it stays on. Also because of swelling in my knee it really works well and again stays on. I love this product.

  52. Karen

    The Sport Gel 2 in 1 is amazing! It can be used hot or cold. For heat you can use in microwave and cold place it in your freezer. I used the hot therapy to help sooth my sore muscles and joint stiffness in my shoulder . I then used the cold therapy to help reduce inflammation and discomfort in my knee. It was easy to put on and use. I highly recommend this product for every day aches and pains,

  53. Irene

    I received the magic bag sport gel 2 in 1 with excitement. I suffer with sever pain in both knees due to arthritis and couldn’t wait to heat it up and try. I followed the instructions to heat the magic bag and even after doubling the heating time, it was only lukewarm. I attached it to the wrap which kept sliding down my leg because of the weight. I used the straps, but they just stretched even further. I was not impressed by it. I tried a few more times, but with the same result.

  54. Christena

    Works great hot or cold better then pain meds the strap helps to keep the wrap in proper position

  55. Kevin

    Great product..good for the knees and shoulders..friends like it too

  56. Judy

    Used the bag cold and it worked great on my shoulder. Used it hot on my lower back and it felt amazing. My husband has a bad knee so have it to him to try and he said it works good.

  57. Eliza

    The sports gel 2 in 1 magic bag works so fast!! It uses cold and hot to help recover which I really need!! My left side is Tighter then my right so it causes a lot of pain in my joints. This helps me so much with instant relief. Plus I am very active running after kids all day plus I do teach fitness classes!! I really do love this magic bag, it is truly a must have if you have sore joints!!!

  58. Yuri

    I do have pain almost daily and Magic Bag Sport Gel 2 in 1 Large Wrap with Gel Pack do work to aliviate pain
    Good product I like it and use it every day as to help with my pain

  59. Ashley

    Have really bad shoulder pain and this product helped with that especially when I was exercising.

  60. Sean

    The Magic Bag Sport Gel 2 in 1 Lg is not very large at all (it is actually sm in size). I am very disappointed as the box makes the product look very good but inside the box is cheap product and small elastics

  61. Craig

    Excellent product will be looking in to researching for other products for lower back etc to purchase… Holds the heat very well for extended time and also keeps cool for long periods of time. It is also not bulky and is very comfortable to wear..

  62. Aaron

    It offered great relief for my sore knees and shoulder

  63. Kathy

    I received the sport hot and cold gel wrap free in exchange for my honest opinion.
    I really wanted to love this wrap, as I have very bad knees, and sore shoulders from a car accident. The heat aspect is great, its soothing and provides some relief. I like how it fixes and moulds to the knee or the shoulder and stays in place. The heat could last a little longer for me, but that is just a preference.
    The cold function has me a little confused. On the box it says refrigerate for 4 hours, inside the instructions say to freeze. So which is it? When frozen, it is not pliable and not able to be fixed in place with the straps. When refrigerated it definitely works much better, but again it doesn’t stay cold as long as I want it to.

  64. Alexander

    good quality product, well made and does work on the pain
    after use I feel less pain – love it
    a must have for an old age

  65. Debayan

    Its very comfortable and easy to use for longer periods of time.

  66. Craig

    Love this have definitely detailed my review and hopefully my internet connection has worked recently used the gel cold and definitely worked on my knee may need the brace when I start riding the horses this spring will give an honest review and thanks HomeTester !

  67. Shelley

    I was super excited to receive my Magic Bag Sport Gel 2 in 1 Large Wrap with Gel pack, and with good reason! The fit was perfect. Actually it was a little generous with the size which gave more comfort. The edges of the Velcro were smooth and gave no rub. When I saw it I was worried the Velcro might have rubbed and caused chafe but thankfully it did not. I would 100 % recommend it to a friend.

  68. Carolynn

    I thought the magic bag worked perfect. I loved the size of it and I also loved how with the gell you could warm it up or have it cold! Definitely felt good on my sore shoulder!

  69. Tyler

    This is great for my shoulder after power lifting at the gym. My rotator cuff sticks and this reduces the swelling after my W.O.D. You don’t even have to hold it in place because you just strap it on.

    • Masdel

      Shoulder pain and inflammation can really affect recovery time. We’re happy that Sport Gel is the right solution for you, Tyler!

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