How do I set up and get started to dye my hair?

Here is a list of what you’ll need to get started (all available at your local pharmacy):

  1. Consult the cosmetician to choose the right color and oxidant. The cosmetician will help customize the coloring treatment to your needs by determining the right proportions of each. 
  2. Purchase a plastic bowl, brush and protective cape (to protect your clothes. It is recommended to wear an old shirt just in case). 
  3. Use gloves to protect hands from staining.
  4. Use your smartphone or kitchen timer for your wait time. 
  5. Using your brush, mix the coloring cream and oxidant, in the correct proportions, inside the bowl until you have a homogenous texture. 
  6. Separate your hair into quarters to be able to work section by section for complete and uniform color application. 
  7. Start applying the color at the back of your head and working forwards, section by section. 

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