10 Tips to Survive a Heatwave Without Air Conditioning

As much as we love summer and the beautiful weather, heatwaves can be hard to cope with. Especially without air conditioning. Heatwaves can also be dangerous for people with certain health conditions, young children, and the elderly. It is crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid putting your health and well-being in jeopardy. Luckily, there are a few tricks and products to help you stay cool and safe when the mercury rises. Read on to discover our top 10 tips to survive a heatwave and some products to cool you down.


#10: Stay indoors and out of the sun during a heatwave

When the heat and humidity hit their peak, consider heading to an air-conditioned shopping mall, museum, library, or other public space. Spending a few hours in a cool place can really provide a nice and much-needed break from the heat. If you do spend time outdoors, seek out shady areas and remember to wear sunscreen.


#9: Shut windows and blinds

Keep blinds and curtains drawn and windows closed during the day, when it is cooler indoors than outdoors. In fact, if you open windows, indoor temperatures may rise too high, and you will then have a hard time getting them down again. Only open windows in the evening and at night to let cooler air in and create a draft.


#8: Use box fans and ceiling fans

When temperatures cool down in the evening, open windows and doors and use box fans to push hot air out. Fans also bring cooler air in and create air currents to help cool you down.


#7: Spend time in the basement

As hot air rises, the upper storeys of a house or apartment building can get quite hot. If you can, spend time on the ground floor or in the basement.


#6: Stay hydrated

Staying properly hydrated during a heatwave is very important to compensate for the loss of liquid caused by sweating. Opt for cold water over sugary fruit juices and soft drinks and avoid drinking alcohol as it increases your risk of dehydration. Additionally, eating cucumbers, strawberries, celery, zucchini, lettuce, and melon can help keep you hydrated as they contain more water than other fruits and veggies.


#5: Eat light

Did you know that protein-rich meals, sugar, and fibre are harder to digest in hot weather? As digestion requires energy, these foods are believed to generate more body heat. Instead, stick with easier-to-digest options during a heatwave. Or use citrus marinades to break down the protein structure of meats and soak grains to make fibres easier to digest.


#4: Drink hot tea

Drinking hot tea may seem counter-intuitive when it’s hot outside but warm drinks can actually help regulate your body temperature in hot, dry weather. When you ingest a hot drink, your core temperature rises, making your body want to cool down. The result is that you sweat more, which has a cooling effect. No wonder tea is such a popular beverage in some of the hottest countries in the world!


#3: Avoid strenuous activities and exercise

This might seem like a no-brainer but physical activity in a heatwave can increase your risk of dehydration and heatstroke. If you really want to exercise do so late in the evening or early in the morning.


#2: Rely on products to cool you down

From cooling blankets and pillows, to breathable, cooling bedsheets, to HyperChillers that instantly transform hot beverages into ice cold ones, the market is full of products to cool you down. But sometimes, a good old-fashioned spray bottle for spritzing yourself throughout the day can also do the trick. And wearing lightweight, light-coloured clothing made from natural breathable fibres can be quite effective as well.


#1: Use a Magic Bag cold compress

In addition to soothing aches and pains, your Magic Bag compress can easily be put in the freezer to cool you down. Apply your favourite Magic Bag cold compress to the back of the neck or on your wrists. As blood vessels are close to the surface in these areas, a cold compress will help cool down blood and body temperature quickly. With summer heat on the rise, one of the common beauty problems that you can experience is itchy, burning and puffy eyes. To beat the heat and bring about a cooling effect, what you need to stock up in your beauty closet in this season is a cooling eye mask.


Heatwaves can be dangerous for people with health conditions, the very young, the elderly, and even pets. But all of us are at risk of heatstroke, exhaustion, and dehydration if we are not careful. Stay cool and safe with these tips and call 911 if you suspect someone is suffering from heatstroke.