5 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself in 2020

Are you feeling rested and rejuvenated heading into the New Year? Or, like many, are you feeling stressed and frazzled as you get back into the swing of things post-holiday season? 

The holidays are an exciting time, but can also be a busy whirlwind that leaves us feeling like we need time and space to ourselves. All the travel, shopping, eating, drinking, and socializing might have you yearning to press reset and settle back into a grounding routine.

In December, we often spend our time thinking about other people’s needs. We focus on creating the perfect Christmas for our kids, worry about cooking for our entire family, make sure we have the right outfit for our holiday parties… the list goes on! 

This January, we want to share with you a few ideas to help you reconnect with yourself. The New Year is the perfect time to tune inwards and focus on mindful self-care.


Start Meditating

Practicing meditation, even if just for five minutes a day, helps us tune out the noise of the outside world and reconnect with our true selves. From reduced stress and anxiety, to increased focus and better sleep, the science-backed benefits of meditation make it the perfect practice for improving emotional and physical health.

If you’re a beginner and the idea of sitting in silence doing nothing feels strange, consider using guided meditations to get started. Apps like HeadSpace make it easy for beginners to get started experiencing the benefits of meditation. They offer different audio meditations on a variety of topics from stress-reduction to better sleep, and even offer bite-sized guided meditations for busy schedules.


Woman practicing yoga

Practice Yoga

In our busy, modern world, it’s easy to find ourselves living in our heads. Yoga is all about uniting the mind, body and spirit. By focusing on our breath and physical postures, we’re able to slow down and stop focusing on our endless to-do list, deadlines at work, and all the things we “should” be doing.

If you’re not already a member at a yoga studio, you can practice yoga from the comfort of your own home. There are a variety of videos on YouTube or online yoga platforms like Glo. Be sure to create a calming space where you can quiet your mind and feel at ease. Place a Magic Bag compress on your eyes in your final resting pose, or tune into this yoga playlist curated by our Marketing Coordinator, Daniel, to set the perfect mood for your practice.


Two friends are looking at air balloons in Turkey

Go On A Trip

In order to reconnect with ourselves, it’s sometimes necessary to shake things up. Doing the same thing day after day can make us feel caught up in a routine that drains our energy. Traveling to new destinations can help us see things through a new perspective and remind us of what’s truly important to us. 

Travel doesn’t need to break the bank either. It’s possible to enjoy exploration without the hefty price tag. Explore low cost options by using the app Hopper, a fellow Montreal company that uses data to predict the best times to book at the lowest rates. If a big trip isn’t in the cards, even a weekend away to a nearby city can leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated upon return.


Young girl reads a book at a park

Unplugging from Social Media

Have you taken a look at your screen time stats? For most of us, the results can be shocking. According to research, the average user is now spending approximately two and a half hours per day on social media.

Mindlessly scrolling through other people’s feeds often leaves us feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with our own lives. When we compare ourselves to other people’s ‘highlight reels’, our own self-esteem and happiness can decrease. Many of us are feeling increasingly dependent on our devices, feeling stressed and anxious without having them constantly at hand.

If self-care is on your priority list for 2020, take some conscious time to unplug. Take intentional tech breaks by leaving your phone at home as you go for a walk or commit to spending the first hour after waking up screen-free.


Woman laying down in bed with a Magic Bag hot and cold compress on her back.

Get more sleep

When we get busy, we have a tendency to put sleep on the back burner and say we’ll catch up later. But it’s impossible to show up as your best self if you’re running on too little sleep. By committing to getting a full 6-8 hours of sleep each night, you’ll feel calm, grounded and focused throughout your day.

If you’re having trouble falling (or staying) asleep, you may need to improve your bed-time routine. Focus on going to sleep at the same time each night, and engaging in calming activities that put you in the right mindset for rest. Turn off your phone at least thirty minutes before bed, and throw on a lavender mask or aromatherapy slippers.

It’s easy to disconnect and lose ourselves in the busyness of our everyday modern world. We get caught up in work, in our family’s needs, and in our quest to be the perfect partner or friend. And while relationships are important, when we take the time to honor our needs and reconnect with ourselves, we’re able to show up as better people for those around us. By engaging in these simple self-care practices, you’ll be able to remember who you are, what truly matters to you, and live with greater intention in 2020.